1.1. Deposit - any upfront payment required by the Company or made by the Customer in advance.

  1.2. Goods - any materials provided to the Customer by the Company.

  1.3. Balance - any funds owed by the Customer to the Company for the Goods or services provided by the Company to the Customer.

  1.4. Customer - person who's name on the invoice.

  1.5. Company -  Westland Flooring Ltd trading as Westland Carpets and Flooring.

  1.6. Us, We, Our - refers to the company stated in rule 1.5.

  1.7. PCN's - penalty charge notice or parking charge notice issued by the council or any other parking authorities



2.1. A full upfront payment for the materials is required to secure the date of installation and reserve the goods (unless agreed otherwise in writing).

  2.2. The remaining balance which is usually installation and additional services but not limited by them should be paid in full before the installer leave the property (If the Customer present). If the Customer not present, the remaining balance must be paid within 24 hours of the completion of works. Unless agreed otherwise.

  2.3. Any Goods provided by Westland Carpets and Flooring remain the property of the company until paid for by the Customer in full. 

  2.4.  Some banks have a limit on the amount you can transfer per day. If the remaining balance is greater then the limit that you can transfer per day, Customer should pay the amount that is above the limit before payment due date.

  2.5. We only accept payments in CASH or BANK TRANSFER. No other method of payment is accepted.



  3.1.  If the Customer chooses to cancel before the installation / delivery due date, the Company shell retain the deposit and the Goods, unless the .

  3.2. No cancellations can be made after the Goods have been delivered.

  3.3. Westland Carpets & Flooring reserve the right to cancel the Contract if it is unable to fulfill the order. In this case the company is only liable to refund any deposit or funds that have been paid in advance by the Customer.

  3.4. The Customer may reschedule an installation / delivery date 48 hours before the installation / delivery due date. In this event the Customer is liable to pay the full amount stated on the invoice by the original installation / delivery due date.

  3.5. The Company reserve the right to reschedule the installation / delivery time and / or date  at any time due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, delivery failure by the wholesaler, or anything that is not in depending on the company.



  4.1. Customer should provide the with appropriate parking space within a reasonable walking distance of the property.

  4.2. Customer should provide the installer with a valid visitors parking permit if applicable.



  5.1. The area of the installation of the floor coverings should be empty of furniture and old floor coverings, and the subfloor should be smooth and ready for the new floor coverings to be installed before the installer arrived unless agreed otherwise.

  5.2. We do offer an additional services such as removal of old floor coverings and furniture removal at a reasonable cost, however the Company can not accept liability for any damage to the Customers property. So, in order to minimise the risk of damage, the Customer should remove any valuable and breakable items, any personal belongings, high value electrical items, and other contents of furniture in order to make it as light as possible to avoids any damage. 

  5.3. If the installation is carried out in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or any other areas that may have appliances, the customer should be present during this items being removed.

  5.4. The installed should be informed by the Customer about any hidden, or covered pipes and cables as the Company can not accept liability for any damage to them.

  5.5. The Company and the installers always taking as much care as possible to avoids any damage to the paintwork, but, in some cases, due to poorly prepared surface or the time factor, the paintwork on the wooden surface can be damaged during the installation of the floor coverings.

  5.6. If the skirting boards are glued on, nailed on, or not enough screws have been used, there is a chance that they will develop a crack between the top of the skirting board and the wall. The company can not accept liability for this type of damage.

  5.7. The Customer should remove any paintings, clock's, photo frames or any other breakable items that are attached to the walls in the areas of installation of floor coverings or in limited space areas such as staircases.   



  6.1. The areas of the installation must be free of other trades and equipment to ensure continuous process of work. 

  6.2. The subfloor should be smooth, dry, dust free and firm to ensure that the goods are installed to the standards in order to comply with the manufacturer terms and conditions and our terms and conditions in order to obtain warranty on goods and services.

  6.3. We do offer additional subfloor preparation services (latex screeding or ply boarding). By latex screeding or boarding the subfloor, we only smoothing the subfloor to ensure the correct installation of floor coverings, we do not guarantee the subfloor to be level.



7.1. Westland Carpets & Flooring (Westland Flooring Ltd.) always guarantee the fitting of goods that have been supplied and installed by the Company to the manufacturer standards for 1 year from the date of completion of installation.

7.2. In order to obtain the warranty for the product, it should be installed to the manufacturer standards.

7.3. The Company does not accept liability for pile reversal, fading, shading (slightly lighter and darker patches) and flattening of the pile that can occur on any carpet. This is not considered to be a manufacturing defect, therefore the company will accept no liability for its occurrence.

7.4. The company can not accept any liability for incorrect measurement or specification provided by the customer.

7.5. The Customer is liable for any parking charges or PCN's incurred during the installation due to the breach of parking rules stated in 4.1 and 4.2.

7.6. Westland Carpets & Flooring can not accept liability for the creaky or squeaky or unlevel subfloor, as we do not offer subfloor repair or levelling services, however we will do our best during the subfloor preparation to minimise this problem.

7.7. As a responsible trade we are liable to keep the deposit and any advance payment safe until we purchase the goods from the manufacturer.

7.8. We are liable to remove any waste occurred during the installation when the Customer purchase goods and services with us.

7.9. We can not guaranty the quality of installation of goods provided by the customer.

7.10. If the goods have been purchased elsewhere by the customer, it is customers responsibility to check the expiry date, check that the goods are genuine and not fake and were stored in accordance to manufacture standards as incorrect storage or if the goods are expired or fake it may result in poor quality finish and invalid manufacturer warranty.

7.11. It is Customers responsibility to check the subfloor for suitability and defects unless agreed otherwise in writing.

7.12. It is Customers responsibility to keep the areas where work is being carried out or materials are stored to the temperature and humidity recommended by the manufacturer. 

7.13. Failure to comply with our terms and conditions may result in warranties invalidation, work delaying, poor quality finish or extra charges.   



  8.1. Some of the tools and adhesives could cause harm and are hazardous. The customer is liable to keep the children and pets safe from any harm during the installation.

  8.2. Customers is responsible providing safe working environment for the installer and must notify the installer of any naked wires, hidden power cables or pipes. 


9.1 We can not guarantee the colour of the material will be the same as on the website as every camera and every screen on electronic devices represent colours different.